Ancient Rome

3-hour tour of the Roman Forum and Coliseum.

The heart of the Roman Empire – the Roman Forum. Here, I will indicate and tell you about the ruins of public buildings and their function 2000 years ago. .

The highest religious authority, Pontifex Maximus and the Vestal virgins lived in buildings that are still partly preserved. Even Julius Caesar, who for a period held the title of Pontifex Maximus, lived here in the Roman Forum.

In front of the Senate House Curia, you can see the “Rostra”, the empire’s grandest pulpit from which emperors, politicians and poets spoke to the Roman people. We will also see temples, financial and judicial buildings and triumphal arches, all of which gives a brilliant impression of the highly developed Roman society. From the Forum, we will see the Palatine hill where Romulus laid the foundation stone for Rome on 21 April in 753 BC

Last, but not least, we will visit the well-preserved amphitheater, the Coliseum.

Bloody gladiator battles unfolded here to the great pleasure of both the poorest plebeians and the most distinguished patricians as well as the supreme court of the emperor. The Coliseum seated more than 50,000 spectators with an additional 5,000 standing places for plebeians on the upper back rows. Access, food and wine were free to everyone in the tradition of “Panis et Circenses” – bread and entertainment – which helped to ensure the Emperor’s popularity and to maintain peace and order.