Public transport in Rome

The Rome metropolitan area is divided into 6 zones.

The red A zone covers the center of Rome.

The public transportation is served by bus, tram and subway.

You can buy tickets in self-service ticket machines at the stations, or in newspaper stands and tobacco shops and some bars, where you see an “ATAC” sign outside.

You must remember to validate you ticket.

When you board trams or busses, look for the validation machine inside, normally towards the back of the carriage.

BIT One time tickets cost 1,50 € and must be validated as soon as you start your journey. This kind of ticket is valid for 75 minutes.

BIG (Integrated Ticket) is valid until midnight the day you validated it. € 6,00

3 days ticket (BTI – Biglietto Turistico Integrato) € 16,50 is valid until midnight of the third day

One week ticket – CIS (Carta Integrata Settimanale) – € 24,00 is valid until midnight of the seventh day

The tickets are valid for travelling with ATAC and COTRAL transportations in the city area by bus, tram, and subway A & B and also for the trains to Ostia Lido