St. Peter’s Basilica

Meanwhile we are in the queue for the security check , I will explain the Vatican’s history, from antiquity to the present regarding St. Peter ‘s martyrdom , the persecution of Christians and St . Peter’s tomb.

We look at St. Peter’s Square and identify and explain what we see there.
The tour inside St. Peter’s Basilica offers fantastic artworks and stimulation for all the senses. Here is the whole splendor and sumptuousness of Christianity and the Catholic Church represented in impressive fashion by many different centuries most important artists and architects.

This is the world’s largest catholic church, erected over the Apostle Peter’s tomb. TheBasilica is filled with various papal monuments, including Bernini’s Monument to Pope Alexander VII Chigi, and the great Renaissance artist Michelangelo’s beautiful statue of “LaPietà”.

Beneath the dome, which rises above St. Peter’s grave, we will see Bernini’s incredible bronze canopy, cast in solid bronze, taken from the roof of the Pantheon. It took a total of 120 years to build this beautiful basilica. The giant dome is 119 meters high and was Michelangelo’s greatest architectural achievement.